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 RPG Rules

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PostSubject: RPG Rules   RPG Rules EmptyJune 11th 2010, 3:39 pm

You are required to make up at least three sentences per post. This can included description of scenery, thoughts, ideas, dreams, things the past.

We do want good and in depth posts. Nothing silly like the Master suddenly jumps up and down for no reason. There should be a reason behind it. Put your mind in your character’s shoes; wonder if they should do that. They are your characters, they come from you.

Spelling and Grammar
Typos are a killer, right? A few typos is ok to have but to have half of the post full of typos? That’s just terrible and horrible. We recommend you read through your post and have a Spelling and Grammar checker on your computer. If we see a lot of typos or grammar mistakes, we will talk to you and help you fix it.

Posting Content
No, I repeat, no racism or sexism. It’s alright if that is part of your character but don’t do it too much. But there is no reason to bring it out on the members themselves. Characters are okay to a minimum but never harm others outside.

The Two S’s. Sex and Swearing
Hey, we know sex and swearing are a part of life. But, keep it down a bit alright? Don’t have every other word as a swear word. If we have find out you have too much, we will ask you to bring it down. We do allow sex; it’s a way to bring plot and relationships. But don’t go too graphic, alright? If you are going to write a thread with sex, please put ‘R’ in the title. Or, if you somehow lead to sex, PM me and I can change the title for you.

God Modding
By no means, never take control of another character! I will not tolerate it one bit. But there are times where you have to. No making them speak if they are not your character.

You want a kid? Sure, you can have a kid. You don’t need to wait all the nine months in real life for your kid to come out. A few weeks is alright. Then you can go gah gah over your bundle of joy or give them up.

You are allowed to kill your own character if you are tired of them. But do contact one of the staff before you do, so we can talk. And if you want to kill someone else’s character, you MUST contact the staff. You need permission from the owner of that character you want to kill. Then we have everyone settle in agreement, we can kill them off.

Where: ((where it is taking place))
When: ((at what time is it and what date it is))

It should look like this:
Saturday, February 14, 2009
Hogwarts- Hagrid's Hut

Note: It isn't needed for EVERY post, just the initial ones.
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RPG Rules
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